Indicators of Concern

Children's development can be quite complex and a variety of skills develop simultaneously. There is always a "typical" profile of development in children, especially up until the early school-age child. Often some skills will develop more readily while other skills seem to become stagnant or even regress. This can become somewhat alarming to parents therefore these guidelines can be used by parents and also a speech and language therapist to help determine a child's overall development and areas of concern.

Age Two-Three Year Olds

    Language: Not steadily progressing from the single word level to the three-four word level
    Speech: Able to be understood less than 70% of the time. Numerous sound substitutions, distortions and omissions
    Sensory: Withdraws or protests when touched without warning or when introduced to novel textures, movement activities or foods

Age Three-Four Year Olds

    Language: Difficulty using language during peer interactions; Not yet telling simple stories; numerous grammatical errors
    Speech: Able to be understood less than 80% of the time; numerous sound errors, substitutions and distortions
    Sensory: Avoids playing with other children, showing particular difficulty in groups

Age Five-Six Year Olds

    Language: Difficulty putting thoughts into words fluently; numerous grammatical errors; difficulty engaging in reciprocal conversation with peers
    Speech: Able to be understood less than 90% of the time; sound substitutions present; numerous sounds distorted
    Sensory: Becomes overwhelmed by sensory stimulation and can react with defiance or caution; under sensitive to sensory stimulation becoming difficult to engage and withdrawn; disorganized resulting in impulsivity

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"Lorraine Salter has been giving therapy services to my daughter, Samantha, for 8 years now, and in that time Samantha has progressed significantly in her speech and being able to communicate and understand requests at a higher level then before she started therapy with Lorraine. Samantha enjoys her sessions with Lorraine and has come a long way in her communication abilities thanks to an understanding and very patient person."
- Carol, mother of 11 year old