North Shore Speech and Language Services (NSSLS) serves families from the North Shore and around the metro-north Boston area. It is conveniently located in Reading, Massachusetts. NSSLS is a sole-proprietor private practice providing specialized speech and language services to the early toddler-aged child through adolescence who exhibit a variety of learning and developmental difficulties. Adult services are also offered in the areas of stuttering, accent modification and public speaking.

North Shore Speech and Language Services is highly respected by families and colleagues for providing excellent therapeutic and diagnostic services using current knowledge and approaches. Greater than 80% of the children and families serviced are from current or past client referrals and many medical practice referrals.

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NSSLS Services and therapies include:

  • Preschool speech and language screenings
  • Comprehensive speech and language evaluations
  • Individual speech and language therapy
  • Small group speech and language therapy
  • Consultations
  • Adult services include stuttering therapy, accent modification & public speaking

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North Shore Speech and Language Services provides skilled and experienced work with children who exhibit challenges in the areas of:

  • Articulation
  • Apraxia (motor-planning disorders of speech)
  • Language-based learning disabilities
  • Language Development
  • Autism Spectrum disorders (ASD)
  • Stuttering

Skilled and experienced work is offered with adults who exhibit challenges in:

  • Stuttering
  • Accent Modification
  • Public speaking